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Ladies and Home makers will love to have different kinds of home products at their home. These products are bought to make their work easy and to maintain everything neat and clean. Home makers will wish the neighbours and relatives to spectate every top brand home products. They can work easily with these products. Moreover, the working women will feel more comfortable to have all these products since they can save their time.

There are many products under this section. The products like cleaning equipment, personal care, fridge products, decorative hangings & bed lamps and bathroom equipment are available. Amazon feels very happy to sell all these things to favour the people.

Sub categories: There are several products under Home products. The products under this category are kitchen and home appliances, Home Décor Accents, Wall clocks and hangings, Containers, Bar accessories, Spice millers and grinders, Cocktail and wine accessory sets, Kitchen and Dining, Home improvement, Home Furnishing, Art and Craft work, Furniture, Lightings, Large appliances and the last lawn and gardening products.

Thus there are vast sub categories of the products under this category. All these products are very essential for all the family. But the products may vary with their designs and material used and of course price. People must choose the products that does not cause danger and harm anybody’s health. Thus whatever product the people purchase they should have an idea of the pros and cons of the product they have planned to buy.

Home decors: There are beautiful and wonderful products available under this section. The basic products are embellished with different craft works to make the product more astonishing and remarkable. Really amazon has very good taste to sell things such that everybody who have a glace will note and love the product. There are products like hangings, Crafted masala box, pen stand, Wall hangings, photo frames, specs holder, key holders, a combo of brass plates, glasses and kettle, Hindu god statues etc., are some of the products available under this section.

All the products are very beautiful. All these items are very perfect for own use and for gifting purpose. The retailers under this section of Home Decors Amazon has number of products of more awesome to have in our home. Products like pair of silver plated swan Statue, Statues of Cow and calf that resembles the Kamadhenu and its calf, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Statue of animals, trees, wonderful collection of god idols that make us feel the joy of divinity, excellent collection of symbols that belongs to various religions are sold by “Art N Hub”.

Another interesting product from the brand name “Decals Design”. Many sellers like Walltola, couldtail India, SRG India, Akki world, Anupam Paints and Hardware, Arrow paint, Life stickers and many more sells the beautiful product that is slightly childish and more enjoyable. The name of the product is wall stickers.

Yes, they are selling many wall stickers based on the themes. For the reference of the customers here are the few wall stickers themes. The trees with bird cages, branch of flower stuck in the hall, cartoon characters, gardens with butterflies, jungle cartoons, pleasant wordings, aquatic animals, different types of flowers, Barbie stickers, floral designs, birds like peacock with its mesmerising feathers, kitchen product stickers stuck in the kitchen and so on. Every stickers are numbered and very easy for the customers to paste it. Wall looks lively because of these stickers.

Such a nice product to decorate the house. Like Decals Design there are many brands that gives beautiful wall stickers even in the discounted price. Other brands are Wall Mantra, DeStudio, Wallstick, Asian paints etc. All the brands fixes the price based on the colours used, volume of the stickers and quality of the colours used. Many of the sellers are selling in the discounted price. So, customers can buy this and make the surrounding as cherishing and charming.

Cocktail and wine accessories sets: Amazon sells products that are much customized for different purposes. There are exclusive accessories set for cocktail and wine. There are items such as cocktail shakers, drinkware sets, cocktail glasses, ice bucket and tong sets, bottle openers, jars and containers, whiskey glasses and more. All the products are very trendy and customized. Even though, these products will not be used in many of the Indian houses Amazon sell these products for very few families.

There are many brands of this product such as Dynore, Arttidnox, hpk, King Internatioal, Dynamic Store, Dungri India Craft, AsiaCraft, JERN, Devnow, Aarrt, Godskitchen, DakshCraft, Kairos, Generic, Mr, Beer and so on. Amazon offers discounts on many products under these brands.

Spice millers and grinders: Amazon sells small millers and grinders that will be sufficient for a family. The millers are available for salt and pepper basically. Moreover, amazon sells the flour miller that can grind dry chilly, soybean grain, rice, wheat, corn etc. The price of this miller is less when compared to the works it does. But this is costlier than other millers. Other millers are very small in such a way that a single hand is enough to use it. If people have such millers at home, they can easily make powders coarsely or finely based on their requirements freshly on the spot. The way of using these millers are also very easy.

There are many sellers in amazon who sells millers and grinders. Some of the sellers are Amazon Export Sales, Headrush India, Sellify, Cart2indiaSLP, Bella Kart, Cross-Border Retailer, FASHION_4_USA, Style Icons, Creativemarketing, iBhejo and so on. Thus, these are the top sellers who sell wonderful products via Amazon.

Lightings: Again there are wide collections in this category. The varieties are Decoration lights, Christmas lights, speciality lights, wall lights, emergency lights, indoor lights, home lights, night lights, garden lights and bathroom lights. There are lights that looks so beautiful with colour settings within itself. The bulb holders are of different variety. There are different kinds of lights that creates a pleasant environment.

Nowadays, all the houses needs the light setting that gives a pleasant environment because of stressful life. Amazon understands and feels the customers’ necessities and sell exclusive things that benefits the people directly and indirectly that supports a healthy and wealthy life. Amazon has many brands for different types of lights. Some of the brands in Amazon are Ascension, Shining Decors, Lilone, A2Z, Blackberry Overseas, Bansons, PragArt, AROCCOM, Anne-kee, DFS, Gifts Online, EVANA, Goyal, Benjoy, Generic and many more. Amazon gives discount for selective lights. Customers can make use of this choice and purchase the products to decorate their home.

Cheapest products

There are products of all price range. There are many cheaper products from Amazon. The price is based on the material used to make it, maintenance and designs carved. Amazon do gives discount for some products that are very good also. Discount offers are given for cleaning products, towels, electrical items, mosquito killer cum night lamp, Bed spreads, door mats, Bean bags and still many more products are sold at discounted price. Amazon gives discount deals all the day. Amazon gives attractive offers for worthy products. Hence most of the customers are attracted towards Amazon and thus rated top in online shopping.

Brands in Amazon

There are several brands at amazon. Amazon has top manufacturers as their sellers. They sell top most branded products and also normal products. Here are some brands given Story @ Home, Eveready, Online Quality Store, Royal DecoFurnishing, Sitrus, Metier, Craftghar, Premsons, KLEO, Believe-Me and so on.

Facilities of online purchase

Amazon gives clear description about the product. The customers who are new to this can read the feedbacks from the old customers and have an idea about the product before purchasing. The feedbacks of all kinds like positive and negative are given absolutely for the new customers can have an idea about the new products before buying. Amazon also gives returning option for selective products. If the product delivered does not satisfy the customers, then they can return the product with in the given time period. The customers can create a login id and purchase the products.

Door delivery is the major benefit for the customers. This door delivery facility will save the time and burden of roaming from shop to shop practice. Thus the customer feel a tension free shopping experience through our Amazon. Amazon asks for the address and phone number after selecting the product. It asks for bank details to deduct the amount from our account based on the price of the product and delivery charge if applicable. Hence, Amazon gives a wonderful shopping experience for all the customers.

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